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UK set to lead the world in aviation biofuel development

The UK is set become a world leader in environmentally-friendly biofuels for aircraft if the Government extends incentive to aviation industry. According to an aviation industry consortium the UK is set to become a leader in environmentally-friendly aircraft fuel technology if

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5 Ways To Go Green At Home

In the past 5 years or so, the need to “go green” has been emphasized to great effect in much of the world. Environmental efforts once seen as tedious and unnecessary are now recognized as vitally important, and this has

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Most Expensive Bikes in the World

From the beginning, motorcycles have been a dream of young people. Nothing has excited the imagination as a tour on a bicycle on open roads. In recent years, new technological developments have created some of the world’s best motorcycles. These

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No silver bullet for climate change challenge

Biofuel is a word just about everybody has heard of. But getting the average person in the street to explain what it actually means is likely to lead to quizzical looks, shrugs of the shoulder, or remarks about not really

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Five things You might not Know About Green Car Insurance

If you are like many other drivers in the United Kingdom, you may have heard about green car insurance. The thought of buying an eco-friendly car insurance policy seems great, but you may think this type of cover would be

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A guide to green car insurance and getting the best price

Coverage of the car insurance market in the UK is not one that many people tend to take a huge interest in. The constant barrage of bad news and the latest price hikes has numbed many of us into simply not

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Enjoy the spring with the new Citroën DS3 Cabriolet

Having undergone a comprehensive makeover, the popular Citroën DS3 recently made its UK debut in Cabriolet form. Featuring a cabrio roof, the new model offers an idyllic driving experience suited to the warmer months ahead, and we’d advise anyone with

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Can I make my own biodiesel at home and is it safe?

With UK fuel prices surging towards the £1.50 mark, interest in biofuel and namely biodiesel has increased vastly. Producing and running your car on your own fuel does sound like a very romantic and thrifty idea but there a few points

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Why are you paying more for Hybrid Car Insurance?

Hybrid cars might cost you much less in fuel but have you ever wondered why the typical hybrid costs more to insure than policies for conventionally powered cars? It’s easy to put this cost down to the higher ticket price

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Electric cars could cost the UK government £24 billion a year

According to research by a major UK comparison website, electric cars could cost the UK government a staggering £24 billion in lost revenue if we all opted for battery powered transportation. The electric car market performed very well in 2012 with

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