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Can I make my own biodiesel at home and is it safe?

With UK fuel prices surging towards the £1.50 mark, interest in biofuel and namely biodiesel has increased vastly. Producing and running your car on your own fuel does sound like a very romantic and thrifty idea but there a few points

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Biodiesel Production Poised for Outstanding Growth

The global biofuel industry has been witnessing sustainable growth and developments for the past few years in the backdrop of depleting fossil fuels and degradation of environmental conditions. Compared to ethanol, the global biodiesel industry is still at its infancy;

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Finland’s Neste opens world’s biggest biodiesel plant in Singapore

Finnish oil refiner Neste Oil Corp on Tuesday unveiled a new biodiesel plant in Singapore, calling it the world’s largest facility for the production of renewable diesel. With an annual capacity of 800,000 metric tons, the 767-million-US-dollar plant would use

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NAABB’s Algal-Based Biodiesel Meets NAABB Standards

According to the National Alliance for Biofuels and Bioproducts (NAABB), a considerable breakthrough has been made with the production of biodiesel using oil extracted from algae. The consortium’s algal biodiesel is meeting fuel specifications set by the American Society for Testing and

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Algae biodiesel production has to be three times cheaper

The cost of producing biodiesel from algae is now three and a half times more than producing it from oil, and twice as much as producing fuel from rapeseed. Investments in biotechnology would however make it feasible for petrol to

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