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A guide to green car insurance and getting the best price

Coverage of the car insurance market in the UK is not one that many people tend to take a huge interest in. The constant barrage of bad news and the latest price hikes has numbed many of us into simply not

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Save Cash by Owning Bio Fuel Vans

When the cost of living is increasing but the income does not increase, we obviously look for ways to cut down on the costs. One thing that has not only struck the headlines of news channels, but also our lives

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Did Solazyme just drop the “fuel” in biofuel?

Biofuels producer Solazyme inked a massive deal with Dow Chemical today to ship up to 60 million gallons of its algae-based oil as an insulating chemical for electric transformers in 2015. Solazyme’s makes an oil produced from algae that is

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USDA Approves Corn Enzyme for Biofuel Production

Syngenta will sell corn seed with plans for large-scale production in 2012. The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a genetically modified trait in corn developed by agrochemicals producer Syngenta that could improve ethanol yields, Syngenta said Feb. 11. Syngenta will

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Scania receives large order for biofuel buses in Sweden

Scania has received an order for 158 buses from public transport company Keolis Sverige. By ordering buses that run on biofuels, the company strengthens its position in sustainable urban transport. The delivery to Keolis consists of urban, suburban and intercity

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Biodiesel to power ‘American Idol’ bus tour

“American Idol” is kicking off its 10th season with a four-week, 16-city bus tour that will be powered by biodiesel. The bus tour, “Idol Across America Mobile Experience” will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 19, which is also the date of

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A golden handshake for China’s biofuel industry

Friendly policies for overseas investors to invest in China’s biofuel sector have influenced partnerships between domestic and foreign companies to develop the alternative to fossil fuel. Green Biologics (GBL), a British biotech company, has signed deals with two Chinese biochemical

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EU Biofuels Goals May Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Lobby Groups Say

Biofuels targets in the European Union could raise emissions of greenhouse gases because forests and wetlands will be destroyed to grow the crops necessary, nine environmental groups said in a study. Energy targets for 23 of the EU’s 27 members

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Biofuel is only partly to blame for high food prices

Rising biofuel demand is among multiple factors fueling food inflation around the globe, but markets today are more able to manage that impact than in 2007, when an aggressive U.S. government mandate sent prices soaring, an agriculture industry executive said

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Costa Rica Investments in Bio-fuels, and Sustainable Agro Development

Central America and especially Costa Rica has seen a large surge in Biofuel initiative. There new Biofuel cooperative projects, intercropping (with food and oil bearing plants) development, including a new investment wave called Multi Purpose Real Estate, UBA (United Biofuels

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