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China Set to Increase Use of Biofuels, reduce CO2 emmissions

China can become a leader in the production of second-generation (2G) biofuels, made from agricultural waste instead of foodstuffs, such as sugar, starch and vegetable oils said a senior executive from one of the industries’ leading companies. That’s as the

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China to exempt consumption tax on biodiesel

China’s Finance Ministry has retroactively exempted consumption tax on pure biodiesel made from waste animal fats or vegetable oils, and will refund taxes already paid over the last two years. The policy is backdated to January 1, 2009, the ministry

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China turning restaurant waste into a commodity

While China reaches ever further overseas to secure energy supplies, some Chinese businesses at home are coming up with increasingly creative ways of tapping into new energy sources. Take the story of one small company in Fujian province that has

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Boeing to test China biofuels

Boeing Co., in cooperation with Air China Ltd. and others, plans to test a commercial-jet biofuel in China produced from a locally grown plant by the middle of 2011-part of an effort to commercialize cleaner fuels world-wide and bolster China’s

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