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New plant cultivar could yield biofuel oils

A new partnership between crop and oil producers may yield biofuel from jatropha, a non-edible plant capable of growing in marginal soil unsuitable for food crops. SG Biofuels, a bioenergy crop company, is developing and producing elite jatropha seeds. It

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Sweden set on corn biofuel development

Sweden has 310 million litres of installed ethanol capacity using a range of feedstocks including cereals, raw alcohol and pulp. Now a new research project is examining a new feedstock: corn waste. Swedish ethanol producer Sekab and Swedish technology specialist

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DA wants ban on use of maize for ethanol lifted

The Democratic Alliance says it believes that the ban on South African maize being sold for ethanol production needs to be lifted. It says this is in light of Grain SA, the body representing most of SA’s maize, wheat and

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