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UK set to lead the world in aviation biofuel development

The UK is set become a world leader in environmentally-friendly biofuels for aircraft if the Government extends incentive to aviation industry. According to an aviation industry consortium the UK is set to become a leader in environmentally-friendly aircraft fuel technology if

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Can I make my own biodiesel at home and is it safe?

With UK fuel prices surging towards the £1.50 mark, interest in biofuel and namely biodiesel has increased vastly. Producing and running your car on your own fuel does sound like a very romantic and thrifty idea but there a few points

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[Sponsored Video] Shell Presents Lets Go. Putting the “Mix” into energy

Most people will know Shell as the forecourt of choice for refilling your car, but you might be surprised to know that Shell are putting just as much effort into providing alternative and renewal energy as they do to make

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US commits $62 million in biofuel research grants

The US Department of Agriculture and Energy Department have announced funding totaling £62 million as they try and boost the impact of alternative fuels, namely biofuel. With the US in deep financial trouble, the government has been keen to keep on top

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Australian drivers get free E-10 fuel to help dispel myths of biofuel

A fuel retailer in New South Wales, Australia was giving drivers free E-10 (10% bio-ethanol fuel) yesterday as tried to reverse the reluctance many motorists have with using the alternative fuels. Australian law dictates that fuel retailer must ensure 6 per cent of

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Savings available through biofuel vehicle ownership

We are all more than aware that fuel prices are starting to become untenable. A recently survey conducted by revealed that nearly one million motorists are now prepared to give up driving altogether due to rising fuel prices. The

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Agave could pave the way for new biofuel crops

A recent study has found that abandoned agave plantations in Mexico and Africa could be reclaimed for biofuel crops. The research suggests that the plants used to distil tequila could be used as an alternative crop source that does not

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Interjet completes the first Mexian biofuel commercial flight

Mexican airline Interjet have successfully completed a commercial flight partially fuelled by biofue. The flight between Mexico City and Tuxtla Gutierrez on 21 July is the first biofuel powered flight in Latin America. Using a blend of 27% jatropha biofuel,

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Virgin Group are collaboration of biofuels

Airlines in the Virgin Group are collaborating to see if they could develop and share aviation biofuels at their common port of Los Angeles International airport. The airlines – V Australia, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic – have significant stage

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Shell forms biofuel company

Shell and ethanol producer Cosan have launched a multi-billion-dollar joint venture that will become a leading ethanol producer. It is the first time that Shell, a fuel distributor, will move into production. Named Raízen, the company will operate in Brazil,

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