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Can I make my own biodiesel at home and is it safe?

With UK fuel prices surging towards the £1.50 mark, interest in biofuel and namely biodiesel has increased vastly. Producing and running your car on your own fuel does sound like a very romantic and thrifty idea but there a few points

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Singapore To Hold Biofuels Conference In March 2011

International academia, scientists and experts on biofuels will meet in Singapore in March to identify promising avenues to a viable biofuels future. The experts will discuss economic and environmental considerations of biofuel technologies and the integration of biofuels into the

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Waste grease & oil thefts on the rise

It’s almost like a blast from the past. We got somewhat used to stories of people stealing waste grease from outside restaurants back in 2008 when gas was costing four-plus dollars a gallon. Whether because today’s national average of $2.70

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