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Algae biofuels could significantly reduce oil imports

According to current US legislation, biofuels will play a major role in our transportation future. By 2022, the Energy Independence and Security Act dictates that over 10 percent of our current petroleum consumption be replaced by biofuels, with over half

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Relax biofuel laws to help ease the food crisis, World Bank says

The World Bank has called for the relaxation of laws requiring crops to be blended into petrol, saying that they are contributing to the global food price crisis. Robert Zoellick, the President of the Bank, said that a “toxic brew”

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Volvo’s C30 Electric Generates Heat With Bio-Ethanol

Volvo is preparing to launch its C30 Electric vehicle but it has a unique twist. This car uses bio-ethanol to generate heat in the winter to keep passengers toasty warm. It is unusual in that the heater doesn’t draw power

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Poplar Trees Possible Candidate for Biofuels

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Science Center may have discovered some clues that could lead to poplar trees as the next candidate for biofuels. The research is being led by Charles Wyman of the Bourns College of Engineering’s

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U.S. Soybean farmers windfall as biofuel demand increases

An updated, independent study funded by the United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff shows production of biodiesel continues to positively impact U.S. soybean farmers’ on-farm profitability as well as the bottom lines of poultry and livestock farmers. According to

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Obama seeks to cut oil imports by one-third, increases biofuel development

President Obama says more domestic drilling, biofuel development and greater vehicle fuel efficiency can reduce petroleum imports. The plan is an apparent response to criticism over high gas prices by Republicans. President Obama outlined a plan to reduce oil imports

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NASA Tests New Biofuel Made With Chicken Fat

A team from NASA’s Langley Research Center traveled this month from Virginia to California to meet with other researchers from NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center to experiment with a new biofuel for jets. Vegetarians, however, might not be too thrilled

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Boeing moves to fast-track jet biofuel certification

As fossil fuel prices continue to soar, Boeing is looking to accelerate the aviation industry’s transition towards alternative biofuels, taking the reins of an effort to simplify certification standards for biofuels. The aircraft giant yesterday announced it has teamed up

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Swedes eye budding biofuels industry

The Swedish government and its private sector are hoping to secure a foothold in Botswana’s nascent biofuels industry that kicked off recently with plans for a five million-litre per annum processing plant. According to a Memorandum of Understanding signed between

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Study reveals imported African biofuel may not be as green as expected

African biofuels destined for Europe will result in up to six times the carbon emissions of fossil fuels, a new study has revealed. The report, commissioned by the RSPB, ActionAid and Nature Kenya, focuses on the Dakatcha Woodlands in Kenya

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