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Finnair Set to Fly with Biofuel

Finnair is set to become the first airline in the world to use fuel produced from renewable sources on regular flights. The airline aims to start fuelling its planes with biofuel next spring. Finnair airplanes could soon be powered by

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TAM Airlines conducts first-ever Airbus biofuel flight using Brazilian-sourced jatropha-based kerosene blend

More aviation biofuel milestones were passed yesterday as TAM Airlines together with Airbus conducted Latin America’s first jatropha-based fuel flight, which also represented the first Airbus airliner to fly with a crop-based biofuel blend. Previous Airbus alternative fuel flights have

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Algae power reaches for the sky

Air travel could be powered from vast seas of algae growing close to airports within four years, according to researchers and airlines hoping to find a green future for aviation. Industry giants including British Airways and Airbus are supporting a

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