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EU Biofuels Goals May Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Lobby Groups Say

Biofuels targets in the European Union could raise emissions of greenhouse gases because forests and wetlands will be destroyed to grow the crops necessary, nine environmental groups said in a study. Energy targets for 23 of the EU’s 27 members

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Hallen villagers unite in biofuel power station fight

Nearly every resident of a village near Bristol has signed a petition to oppose the building of a biofuel power station in their community. Campaigners in Hallen, just west of the city, say there is already too much industry in

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South Africa: Biofuel and its local spin-offs on the agenda again

The debate about biofuel has largely been silent since the advent of the recession but as the economy slowly recovers the talk has begun again. Last week the Democratic Alliance welcomed what it called a “significant policy shift” by the

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The Tanzanian government mulls law to regulate biofuel use

The Tanzanian government plans to hire the services if a consultant to help draw a law to regulate biofuel technology in the country. Speaking to The Citizen over the mobile phone yesterday, the minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr William Ngeleja,

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Costa Rica Investments in Bio-fuels, and Sustainable Agro Development

Central America and especially Costa Rica has seen a large surge in Biofuel initiative. There new Biofuel cooperative projects, intercropping (with food and oil bearing plants) development, including a new investment wave called Multi Purpose Real Estate, UBA (United Biofuels

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Innovation award for ‘bubble-maker’ that boosts algae growth

Royal Society gives £250,000 prize to fluidic oscillator that transforms the cost and effectiveness of growing algae for biofuels. A bubble-maker that looks like the flux capacitor from the Back to the Future films last night won a £250,000 prize

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Japan invests $120m in Ethanol Plant

In the Philippines, the province of San Mariano, Isabela, is to receive a $120 million (€86 million) investment for the construction of an ethanol plant. The Japanese firm Itochu Corp. is behind the investment, while Green Future Innovations (GFI) will develop

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South Africa to look at maize for biofuels

South Africa must review its biofuels policy to include maize to allow farmers to use their surplus crop for energy production, the agriculture minister said on Friday. The government unveiled blending ratios for biofuels three years ago but said maize,

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2015: The future of biofuels and materials

Production of biomaterials will grow faster than biofuels and increasing biofuel capacity is highly reliant on technology from innovative startups. These are some of the conclusions in a report just issued by Lux research on the biofuel and biomaterial markets.

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Manchester Biofuel Project Wins EU Funding

A Manchester project has won funding from the European Union to enable it to develop a biofuel, reports Manchester University. The project involves developing photosynthetic microorganisms which will convert solar power and carbon dioxide into an engine fuel. The Manchester

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