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German motorists avoid filling with bioethanol

The Germans have a famous passion for automobiles, but it has run smack into European Union directives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. So rather than ask German drivers to give up those highly tuned Mercedes or BMWs, the government is

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BAFA: Germany consumed 780 million gallons of biodiesel in 2010

Germany’s Federal Office for Economy and Export Control (BAFA) released figures recently on the nation’s total biodiesel sales in 2010. BAFA reports that approximately 2.6 million metric tons (780.5 million gallons) of biodiesel was sold into the German fuel market

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New biofuel standard coming to German pumps in 2011

As of January 1, 2011, German drivers will have the option to fuel up their cars with new Super E10, a biofuel with higher ethanol content. The change is part of Germany’s plan to incrementally decrease its carbon emissions, with the goal of

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Germany temporarily relaxes rule on biofuel sustainability

Germany has temporarily relaxed rules requiring raw materials for biofuels come from sustainable output, a move which industry bodies said on Wednesday will smooth imports of rapeseed and rapeseed oil for biodiesel use. “This was a central demand and will

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Germany to raise it’s bioethanol blending in gasoline

The German cabinet will vote on Wednesday on a proposal to raise the maximum level of bioethanol allowed in blended gasoline to 10 percent in January 2011 from 5 percent now, the country’s environment ministry said on Monday. The move

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