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University of California turning bacteria into butanol biofuel factories

University of California, Berkeley, chemists have engineered bacteria to churn out a gasoline-like biofuel at about 10 times the rate of competing microbes, a breakthrough that could soon provide an affordable and “green” transportation fuel. The advance is reported in

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Singapore To Hold Biofuels Conference In March 2011

International academia, scientists and experts on biofuels will meet in Singapore in March to identify promising avenues to a viable biofuels future. The experts will discuss economic and environmental considerations of biofuel technologies and the integration of biofuels into the

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Algae biofuels will need 10 years to mature for use

You could run a car and even an airplane using fuel made from algae, but it will take on the order of 10 years before the technology is mature enough to make a dent in petroleum use, according to an

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