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China become the world’s third largest manufacturer of bioethanol

China has become the world’s third largest manufacturer of ethanol. The increase comes after the Chinese government ramped up the production of ethanol from non-grain feedstocks including straws, cassava and bagasse. The issue of food security led the government to

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E85-fueled Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle to traverse Antarctica

Antarctica is a brutal place and plans to traverse it had better be accompanied by some well-thought-out preparations. This winter, explorers from the Moon-Regan Transantarctic Expedition team will set out on an attempt to examine the impact of global climate

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Friends of the Earth urges end to ‘land grab’ for biofuels

European Union countries must drop their biofuels targets or else risk plunging more Africans into hunger and raising carbon emissions, according to Friends of the Earth (FoE). In a campaign launching today, the charity accuses European companies of land-grabbing throughout

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Hawaii rental company offers Biofuel car rentals

They don’t call Hawaii a paradise for nothing. The archipelago lies in the middle of the Pacific ocean and is one of the most remote locations on the planet relative to major population centers. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your

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Scientists create new biofuel from by-products of whisky production

Scientists said today they have created a new biofuel made from whisky by-products which could be used to help power cars currently on the road. Edinburgh Napier University has filed a patent for the product, which can be used in

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