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Types of Biodiesel Products

Biodiesel Processor

Biodiesel Processor

Biodiesel Processors
A Biodiesel processor is a combination of a reaction vessel and still. Biodiesel processors typically consist of a reation tank, heating unit, pump and washer/washing tanks. There are many guides avaiable on the internet detailing how to make such a processor and also many companies offering Biodiesel Processors delivered directly to your door.
When setting up your Biodiesel processor you will will also need to have a number of other ingredients needed for the reaction (other than the Vegetable oil) These Include: Methanol and a Catalyst (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). Care should be taken when handling these materials as these give of fumes that can be dangerous.

There are many types and makes of Biodiesel Processors available but we would always recommend a closed system due to the fumes hazard and also that some of the ingrediants are flamable.