Biodiesel Association of India calls for immediate steps to promote biofuel

Biodiesel Assn for steps to promote biodiesel usage

The Biodiesel Association of India has called for immediate steps to be taken to promote usage of bio-fuels for Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) by captive power producers, including the hotel industry using DG sets.

It also called for streamlining marketing and distribution of bio-diesel in terms of availability, taxation and statutory regulations and putting in place a realistic pricing of bio-diesel for stationery engines (DG sets, agri-pumps and telecom towers).

“There is an immediate need to eradicate road-blocks and create policies such that this sector becomes self-sustaining and creates the desired future for the country,” the Association’s President, Sandeep Chaturvedi, said in a statement issued here.

The Association said that it will be holding a one-day seminar in Delhi on November 19 based on the theme ‘Biodiesel for Sustainable Rural Livelihood and Energy Security’.

India has the potential to become a world leader in the bio-fuels sector, not only ensuring employment to the rural population but also creating an alternative and clear form of energy for the masses, it said.

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