Biofuel truck heading for the south pole

The giant information firm Thomas Reuters is sponsoring a team to break the record for fastest time to the South Pole by land. That’s right, a race to the South Pole. On land. In the winter.

The truck that the three man team will be racing is called the Polar Performance Vehicle, and, as Jalopnki pointed out, is apparently based on the same Polar Performance Vehicle platform that the show Top Gear employed to drive to the North Pole. The renewable vehicle is run off an unspecified, but stated low-CO2 biofuel that powers a 320 bhp, 4 liter V6 engine.


The truck is also equipped a solar cell system and a wind-powered generator, so should some components fail, communications power will still be possible. With 44″ wheels, 32 gears, protection bars, a crush-proof passenger cab, and a real-time GPS satellite tracking system, the Polar Performance Vehicle is preparing to take on some harsh