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Canada plus ahead in Biofuels

Although the Obama administration slowed U.S. efforts on biofuels in favor of electric vehicles, a new report card on the renewable fuels industry shows that ethanol and biodiesel are delivering tangible economic and environmental results — in Canada, at least. The Canadian report claims the country is “now leading the way in the development and commercialization of advanced biofuels.”


Before you get too worked up, you should know that the report card was released by the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, which obviously has a vested interest in the growth of the biofuels industry. The report shows that in the last five years, $2.3 billion has been invested in the construction of new biofuel production facilities across the country — representing almost 2 billion liters per year in domestic production capacity. The construction of biofuel facilities created approximately $3 billion in economic activity, and the biofuels sector expanded the tax base at the local, provincial and federal levels by $1.5 billion per year.

The Canadian industry is poised to commercialize four next-generation technologies in ethanol as well as several biodiesel advancements, the report said. Beyond that, a diversity of advanced biofuels is in conception. For example, Canada’s forestry sector is poised to become a world leader in diverting biomass from wood waste and by-products to create renewable fuels. Similarly, a variety of other technologies show promise in the production of biofuels derived from such diverse biomass feed-stocks as corn cobs, switchgrass, straw, algae and municipal waste.

So far, no commercially viable technologies have been found for creating fuel from earwax or belly-button lint, but if such technologies are developed, you can bet Canadians will be at the forefront.

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