Bentley Continental GT Bioethanol

2011 Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has taken the virtual covers off the latest version of its Continental GT coupe, which will replace the model that has been on sale since 2003.

As is the norm with new vehicle reveals, the new car will come with more power than the outgoing version , with 567bhp just beating the old model’s 552bhp.
The launch model will use a W12 engine that promises to take the luxury coupe to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds, and 100mph in 10.2 seconds. This comes partly thanks to a weight reduction of 65kg over the old car.

In order to take this engine power and put it onto the road, a new automatic gearbox that enables double downshifts for quicker acceleration has been added to the car, while the power split now sends fractionally more to the rear wheels, in a 60/40 split.

The new Flex Fuel system allows the Continental GT to be run on bioethanol as well as ordinary petrol, but this doesn’t mean it is a frugal fuel-sipper just yet. But Bentley claims that the GT will become more efficient when it releases a V8 version towards the end of 2011. This should reduce emissions from the W12’s mammoth 384g/km by about 40 percent.

Naturally there are changes to the GT’s looks as well, with ‘jewel-like’ detailing on the headlights, which now include daylight running lights. The front grille is more upright, while the haunches have been given ‘sharper lines’ over the old car. It also features a ‘double horseshoe’ rear profile that was first seen on the Mulsanne.


New alloy wheels are also included, with 20-inch versions coming as standard for the first time. Two sets of 21s are also on offer on the options list. The Continental GT will be making its debut in the metal at this month’s Paris motor show, with the order books set to open shortly afterwards. First customers will get their cars in the first quarter of next year, with prices expected to be around the same £126,500 mark as the outgoing model.

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