The UK is set become a world leader in environmentally-friendly biofuels for aircraft if the Government extends incentive to aviation industry.

According to an aviation industry consortium the UK is set to become a leader in environmentally-friendly aircraft fuel technology if government expands incentives.

Sustainable Aviation (SA) claims that if green incentives are extended to include aircraft it could trigger huge investment in the sector and help push the UK to the forefront of the technology.

Chair of Sustainable Aviation and British Airways, Jonathon Counsell said, “Changing policy would not cost the Government, we are not asking for a tax break, we are asking for RTFO to be extended to cover sustainable aviation fuel in line with roads. It would level the playing field and remove the disincentive to invest.”

The SA believes that the UK is ideal for development of sustainable fuels. It has the world’s second-largest aerospace sector which provides all the expertise required for such growth in this booming industry.

The use of Biofuel in the aviation industry is a hot topic with both supporters of green fuel and airlines themselves. Recently Finnair used biofuel made from recycled cooking oil (WVO) to power flight from Helsinki to New York. They estimate that they could reduce the airline’s net carbon dioxide emissions by 50 to 80 per cent by switching to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly fuel source. More on Finnair’s biofuel flight can be found here