coffee cup

Coffee Cup to Biofuel, fuel for the mind and your Car!!

Two University of Manitoba professors are working on a new way to recycle Cs from Tim Hortons. Biosystems engineering professor David Levin and microbiology professor Richard Sparling are investigating the possibility that bacteria could eat and process minutely ground-up cups and convert them into biofuel.

The research they have done so far shows that whatever is in the cups, the bacteria like it and can convert it into usable fuel. Apparently Starbucks’ cups are made of a different material, so the end product is nowhere near as good.


The scientists, who are working on a $10.5-million Genome Canada grant to find ways to produce such biofuels as ethanol and hydrogen, are hoping to obtain additional funding to further their work. “If we were able to get some dedicated support, we could expand the non-recyclable paper products we could look at,” Prof. Levin said.

Source NationalPost