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Michigan State University gets $2.9 million for biofuel research

Michigan State University has received $2.9 million in federal grants for biofuel research. The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded five-year grants for three projects focusing on various aspects of producing biofuels, which use renewable plant materials instead of petroleum. “Americans

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Landfill sites set to harvest biofuel crops

Growing biofuel crops on landfill sites will soon be a reality as Waste Recycling Group (WRG) looks to generate renewable energy from former rubbish dumps. The company has begun planting a combination of miscanthus grass and short rotation coppice (SRC)

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Biofuel Polar Performance Vehicle going for record time to south pole

The giant information firm Thomas Reuters is sponsoring a team to break the record for fastest time to the South Pole by land. That’s right, a race to the South Pole. On land. In the winter. The truck that the

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Algae biofuels could significantly reduce oil imports

According to current US legislation, biofuels will play a major role in our transportation future. By 2022, the Energy Independence and Security Act dictates that over 10 percent of our current petroleum consumption be replaced by biofuels, with over half

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Relax biofuel laws to help ease the food crisis, World Bank says

The World Bank has called for the relaxation of laws requiring crops to be blended into petrol, saying that they are contributing to the global food price crisis. Robert Zoellick, the President of the Bank, said that a “toxic brew”

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Volvo’s C30 Electric Generates Heat With Bio-Ethanol

Volvo is preparing to launch its C30 Electric vehicle but it has a unique twist. This car uses bio-ethanol to generate heat in the winter to keep passengers toasty warm. It is unusual in that the heater doesn’t draw power

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