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Microalgae to biofuel project set to generate new energy

Nine partners from seven countries have joined in an innovative project to show that ethanol, biodiesel and other bio-products can be produced from algae on a large scale. The BIOfuel From Algae Technologies (BIOFAT) project, largely funded by the European

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German motorists avoid filling with bioethanol

The Germans have a famous passion for automobiles, but it has run smack into European Union directives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. So rather than ask German drivers to give up those highly tuned Mercedes or BMWs, the government is

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Air Force Thunderbirds to perform using camelina blend biofuel

The twists and turns performed by the Air Force Thunderbirds this week may pale in comparison with what’s going on inside the planes. A fuel blend that includes a biofuel made from the camelina flower will power two of the six

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North Yorkshire hare’s tracked in Hull biofuel project

Experts from the University of Hull are investigating the impact biofuel crops has on farmland and hares. The research based in North Yorkshire will monitor how planting a biofuel crop will affect the hares behaviour. Elephant grass will be planted

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Senators propose biofuel shake up with end to ethanol subsidies

The US, and by extension global, biofuel market could be on the verge of a major shake up, after a bi-partisan group of senators yesterday tabled a new bill that would end the generous subsidies provided to US ethanol producers

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Europe’s biofuel dispute splits the industry

A divisive European debate over the green credentials of biofuels has stalled investment and threatens the future of some producers, but could also create lucrative opportunities, companies said on Tuesday. After a two-year investigation, the European Commission has decided that

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China Set to Increase Use of Biofuels, reduce CO2 emmissions

China can become a leader in the production of second-generation (2G) biofuels, made from agricultural waste instead of foodstuffs, such as sugar, starch and vegetable oils said a senior executive from one of the industries’ leading companies. That’s as the

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