micro-algae likely to provide power to your car

Scientists across the globe are toiling to perfect newer sources of energy that would end reliance on fossil fuels and threat of global warming. Those at citybased National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (Neeri) have joined the pack. They have developed a process of producing biofuel from four different species of micro-algae (plants that can’t be seen with naked eye).


Compared to recently developed biofuel sources like Jatropha, these algae can produce 40 times more fuel. They are extremely good at capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide thus effectively preventing global warming. The process has worked well at laboratory scale and the scientists from Environmental Health Division (EHD) ofNeeri involved in the research claim that it could prove to be a source of alternative source of renewable energy from fresh water bodies. Neeri has scaled up expertise too.

“Since the micro-algae require relatively very little space, they do not compete with food crops and still produce high oil quantity.

In fact, looking at the pace of present research, in near future marine algae could emerge as the best sources of biofuels,” Tapan Chakrabarti, project leader and former Neeri director told TOI.

Source TimeofIndia