biofuel from corn

Sweden working on corn biofuel development

Sweden has 310 million litres of installed ethanol capacity using a range of feedstocks including cereals, raw alcohol and pulp. Now a new research project is examining a new feedstock: corn waste.

Swedish ethanol producer Sekab and Swedish technology specialist Taurus Energy will begin a two-month trial on ethanol production from corn waste in October in partnership with two Swedish universities, Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University.

The trial involves development of improved yeast strains and more intensive sugar extraction that is expected to lead to higher ethanol yields and the development of improved yeast strains.

Parts of the corncob that would usually be discarded, such as the leaves and stems, will also be used in the ethanol production process, boosting the corn plant’s efficiency by up to 40%.


Source Biofuel International