Van Insurance

When the cost of living is increasing but the income does not increase, we obviously look for ways to cut down on the costs. One thing that has not only struck the headlines of news channels, but also our lives is the cost of fuel. has understood the increasing need of finding a way that can be adopted to cut down the money that is spent on fuel for transportation and analysed the pros and cons of using bio-fuel vans.

The general reason why we switch over from fuels to bio fuels is the rising cost of fuels. Due to high fuel costs, many people have even given up using their own vehicles for transportation and are using public transportation to fulfil their purpose. Bio fuel comes into picture relieving everyone of the tension caused by the raise in price of fuels.

Comparing, we see, the cost of one litre of petrol is around 132.18p and of one litre diesel is 137.26p; whereas, the cost of one litre of bio diesel is 15p. This decrease in price encourages people to switch from the fuels to bio fuel. But it is to be noted that, not all vehicles can run on bio fuel. So make sure your vehicle can run on bio fuel before going for it. Engine of the van is checked and this checking has to be done with your van manufacturer. Otherwise it will lead to high Van Insurance cost.

Mixing of diesel is done with the bio diesel so as to ensure the proper working of the van. As it is, 5% of bio fuel is already mixed with the diesel that we get in the petrol stations today but a mixing of up to 50% can be done. Mixing of diesel is done to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the vehicle when it is run. If the vehicle is made to run only on bio fuel and it gets struck and needs repairing, you could be in a difficult situation. Breakdown of van need not be due to the use of bio fuel but still it would cause difficulty. Also, there are chances of bio fuel freezing during winter making it very inconvenient. So make sure that proper amount of fuel is mixed with the bio fuel before you get it in your van and avoid any trouble that may come forth. This way you get to drive at a reasonable cost.