Most people will know Shell as the forecourt of choice for refilling your car, but you might be surprised to know that Shell are putting just as much effort into providing alternative and renewal energy as they do to make sure your car stays fueled.

Shell’s “Lets Go” campaign is a new initiative to support and promote the production of cleaner energy. They have committed to spend 100 billion dollars  by 2014 for  new energy production and development across many sectors.

Amongst other things, Shell have invested in Reizen who produce over 500 million gallons of sugar cane bio-ethanol each year. According to Shell, fuel produced from sugar can slash a massive 70% from the total carbon footprint compared to gasoline.

Most new cars today are ready to support the next generation of biofuels blends such as B5 biodiesel. Under the EU’s renewable energy directive, 10% of transport fuel must come from renewable sources such as biofuel by 2020. The UK has its own target for the use of biofuel with legislation requiring 5% of transport fuel to come from renewable sources by 2013.

Shell have also been busy promoting more efficient use of their fuels with their Shell Smarter Drivers campaign and the Shell Eco Marathon. The latter being a yearly competition which pits educational teams from across the globe against one other in a competition to design, build and pilot the most energy efficient car. The Marathon takes place in 3 locations around the world. This years European event was held in Rotterdam with France’s Microjoule-La Joliverie team securing victory in the Gasoline class with an astonishing 8002 miles per gallon.

The competition itself dates all the way back to 1939. Shell Oil Company employees in the USA made a friendly wager over who could travel furthest on the same amount of fuel.

Together with Discovery and Wired, they have produced a documentary that investigates the energy “challenges” the Earth with face over the next 40 years.

Why not check out the full the full “EARTH 2050″ documentary here.

This post has been sponsored by Shell.

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